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Community Presence

Mac Yoga Studios was founded on the basis of providing meaningful yoga classes to the Mahtomedi community. Our intent is to appeal to both beginner and novice yogis alike. We will have smaller class sizes with more individualized coaching in hopes that you get the most out of the classes you attend. 

My name is Jessa McNamara and I'm the owner of Mac Yoga Studios. I am a mom of 4 and have lived in the community for the majority of my life. I am so excited to bring a yoga studio to this amazing community, and look forward to having you join me for a class!

Mac Yoga Studios offers classes in hopes that some of the symptoms targeted can be improved through regular exercise, breath work, and body movements. We are aiming for progress rather than perfection. If you are experiencing severe symptoms or worsening symptoms, you should talk with your healthcare provider.  

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